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The Point Men is a 2001 action thriller film directed by John Glen. The story follows a team of Mossad agents who are tasked with tracking down and capturing a Palestinian terrorist leader who is planning a major attack on Western targets. The team is led by Tony Eckhardt, played by Christopher Lambert, who is haunted by the memory of a previous mission that went wrong. As they track their target across Europe and the Middle East, the team must deal with a web of betrayal and deception, as well as their own personal demons. The film features tense action scenes and a complex plot that explores themes of loyalty, vengeance, and redemption. A Korean diplomat is dispatched to Afghanistan when a group of South Korean tourists is taken hostage by the Taliban. When all measures fail and one hostage is killed, he is forced to team up with a special agent to rescue the sur...

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Genre: Thriller , Drama , Action

Director: Soon-rye Yim

Country: United States

Duration: 108 min

Quality: HD 720p


IMDb: 0