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The movie follows the story of Matt, a young influencer, who has been living in the city with his girlfriend Liv and their newborn child. When the family moves to a suburban neighborhood, Matt is disturbed by the noise from his neighbor's dog, and his obsession with the noise gradually leads to a spiral of paranoia and violence. As Matt becomes increasingly obsessed with the noise and the disruption it causes in his life, he begins to unravel, and his relationships with his girlfriend and neighbors become strained. The movie offers a tense and unsettling exploration of the effects of noise pollution and the psychological toll it can take on individuals. Overall, "Noise" is a thought-provoking and suspenseful drama that offers a unique and nuanced look at the impact of noise pollution on our lives and well-being. The movie features strong performances from its cast, including John Gallagher Jr., who delivers a compelling and nuanced portrayal of Matt's descent into obsession and madness. After moving his family into his childhood home, a man's investigation into a local factory accident connected to his father unveils dark family secrets.

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Genre: Thriller , Mystery , Drama

Actor: Sallie Harmsen, Johan Leysen

Director: Steffen Geypens

Country: United States

Duration: 89 min

Quality: HD 720p


IMDb: 5.1